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Fahrenheit 451

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Monday, November 12, 2012 - 11:19

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Friday, March 1, 2013 - 12:33

The time is not too long from now. The place is New York City. Yet it is a setting few of us would ever recognize. For this is a world where simply owning a book is derigertrusly illegal. Where Hremen come not to save houses. but to bum them for the books inside. Arid where you, once a dedicated Fireman. are now a rebel with a passion for bcroks—-end the roost wanted fugitive in the country.
Thene are stii a few people who can help you—your fellow members of the Undergnound. They can tell you row to fool the deadly Mechanical Hounds, how to steal a Fireman's uniform. how to avoid the military ID checkpoints.
Yet escape is not your main concern. You are possessed, driven onward by your own unflinching ideals. You feel a desperate need to fight to push back ignorance, to vindicate every page a Fireman has ever burned.
But how? How can a hunted criminal bring the hooks of the world back from the edge of extinction? The chances seem pitifully small and yet, irvith a little cunning, a lit-
de stealth, a little careful planning . . .
Fahrenheit 451 is the first computer adventure game to be produced in collaboration wid'r Ray Bradbury. It offers an advanced parser, multiple disk sides for extended play, and the ability to be played with or without graphics.
RAY BRADBURY, world-renowned author of such science fiction classics as The Martiar Cronicles and The Illustrated Man, has written for television, theatre, radio, and film, and has been published by virtually every major American magazine Written over thirty years ago. Fahrenheit 451 remains his best-known work, and is an acknowledged classic as well as one of we world's finest science fiction novels.
The adventure game Fahrenheit 451 was produced and developed by Byron Preiss Video Productions, Inc., leading designers of entertainrnent and educational software. Their technical director is Lee Jecknow.

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